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Bluefin Tuna TripsFirst Hatteras Bluefin of the Season!


Good news to report.  On our first of a month of scheduled Bluefin Tuna Trips, we connected with an estimated 350 pound fish.  The beauty was 80 inches long and caught by a women angler.  Nice job to all, making short work of the fish, releasing the trophy after a quick 35 minute battle.  We were fishing about 40 miles to the north of Hatteras Inlet, on LOW PROFILE, our 55' Custom Carolina Sportfish.  We will continue to run Bluefin Tuna Trips the rest of this month and into March.  This tuna trip produced one other bluefin bite, which didn't come tight and also saw a couple of nice yellowfin tuna come to gaff.


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The OU Crew.


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Hatteras, NC - Bluefin Fishing Report


Quick update on the Bluefin situation. NMFS has closed the commercial Giant Bluefin season as of today, January 22nd. This is due to the quota being filled. FYI, this is the first time I can remember since we have been Giant Bluefin fishing (about 7 years) that the season has closed early (before Jan. 31). We had hoped to target them ourselves off Hatteras the rest of this month and possibly even February, but they never made it to us in any numbers and were mostly caught north of us.

What does this mean……

First, it means there are A LOT of Bluefin around! For those looking to come down and catch Bluefin recreationally, it means very little, other than that the amount of fishing pressure will pretty much drop 75% starting tomorrow, with the commercial fleet now done for the season. This is good for the recreational fisherman. The recreational limit continues to be 1 fish between 27 and 73 inches. That is unchanged and should remain unchanged through the entire winter season. We’d expect the main body of fish to be right off Hatteras any day now. Undoubtedly, it will be a bit more difficult to keep track of them, with the commercial season closed, but starting about the first week of February should be about right. to date all the trips we have scheduled are mid February to early march. The schedule has filled in quite nicely, but we still have plenty of dates open..

If you’d like to get in a trip, let me know your availability and we'll work on getting some more split/open trips filled up.

We continue to post open/single spot dates here.


Open Boat Bluefin Tuna Dates


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Hatteras, NC - 511 Pound Blue Marlin Takes First Place in Hatteras Fishing Tournament!


Hatteras Blue MarlinCapt. Darrin, running LOW PROFILE in the Hatteras Village Open fishing tournament is sitting in first place with a 511 pound blue marlin that was boated in the first few hours of fishing yesterday.  There are 2 more fishing days, but at this point, the big blue has us sitting in first in the big fish division of this BillfishTournament in Hatteras.

Capt. Darrin and Amp, held on to take the big fish division with the only Blue Marlin boated.  It came down to the wire on the final fishing day but the big 511 fish held up and paid out approxiamtely 30,000 to the winning team, that charted LOW PROFILE for the Hatteras Village Open.


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Photos From Some Recent Hatteras Fishing Trips

hatteras fishing


Bluefin Tuna Fishing


postheadericon Hatteras Bluefin Tuna

bluefin tunaWe fished Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.  The fish are definitely still here.  It was pretty sporty out there Friday and Darrin managed to hook into a pretty big fish, that took some time to finally bring to boat side and release.  The fish was estimated in the 350 pound range.  Saturday the conditions calmed a bit and the fishing was on.  Fish were biting on the jig and the troll.  We released a couple jumbos and managed to find a small one at about 66 inches for the box.  Sunday was a bit slow for us with a few bites, pulling off a nice fish after a lengthy fight.  Some boats had em’ good, others didn’t’ yesterday.    This week we again have Rick Rosenthal in town for filming.  We have spots every day the weather is good between now and next Tuesday.  Spots are $350 per person (little more than before to allow us to get to the fish, now about 40-45 miles).  There is a chance we will only be fishing with only 2-3 people per day, so this is a great opportunity to get out with only a  couple people on the boat.  If you can go at all over the next week, please email and let us know your availability.  We will watch the weather and keep everyone up to date.  The entire week looks fishable, with Thursday/Friday looking like it may be pretty.

For more info, please call Capt. Darrin Directly, as I’ll be working all week, getting our 48’ ready for launch here in NJ for Striper Season.  Darrin’s number is:  252 305 1677.

Ps:  more and more reports of Yellowfin showing up as well…


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Hatteras Fishing Report - North Carolina

Hatteras Bluefin Tuna
Wow.  Big Bluefin show up again in force.  Lots of action, jigging, trolling, it all worked today.  Several 300+ pound Bluefin Tuna, and one "small" enough to keep!  Hatteras North Carolina Bluefin Tuna fishing is red hot, get here now!

Come on down and get em while the gettin's good.  Bluefin Fishing last till late March and the Yellowfin are all ready biting!

Tight Lines,

Over Under Sport Fishing



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Bluefin Tuna Hatteras
Hatteras Fishing Report - Bluefin Tuna Bite Going Off Today

Darrin gave me a shout on the way in a bit ago.  It was off the hook he said.  After catching 2 Bluefin in the shallows, in about 35' of water, he slid off to about 20 miles and continued to pound away.  Sounded like maybe 6 on the troll and another 4 or 5 on jigs.  80 to 150 pound fish today.  This bite can not continue, so if you are looking to Fish Hatteras, by all means do it now!  We will continue to run Bluefin Tuna Trips as long as they stick around, then will switch over to Yellowfin Tuna Trips.


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Hatteras Bluefin Tuna Fishing Report - Cape Hatteras, NC

Darrrin reported another great day on the water. Fishing in calm seas with a light breeze, they boated one bluefin tuna about 100 pounds and proceeded to release two others. Plenty of other action including Blackfin and Albacore. The fish were close again, only 24 miles today, just where we want them. We still have a spot open for Hatteras Fishing on Firday , if anyone would like to go.

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Hatteras Fishing Report - February 18, 2011

release_2_16Big Bluefin Tuna showed up today. After a series of days where smaller, 80 to 120 Bluefin Tuna Fishing, dominated the action, today was a different story. Basically we had fish on all day today, releasing 3 over 73 inches, one estimated at close to 400 pounds. The average fight was about an hour and a half. We were lucky enough to catch one SMALL enough to keep and put a 160 pounder in the box. More details and photos to follow, but after a slow day with only one fish yesterday, the bite was back ON!


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Hatteras Fishing Report

NC Bluefin TunaI had the opportunity to get down for a day of Bluefin Fishing with Capt. Darrin and Timmy. I had hoped to fish two days, but the weather lined up for one. The weather was absolutely perfect yesterday. Sunny, light breeze out of the east, couldn't have asked for better conditions. We steamed about 22 miles and put em in. Didn't take long and we had a few bites, and released a few false albacore, and things looked pretty good. There was no real hard edge today, which had us a bit concerned, but the bait and life was pretty much right where it had been on Sunday (the last time anyone was out).

Soon we had another bite and this time, it was the real thing. Chad jumped in the chair and brought the fish to boat side in short order and we decided to roll the dice and release the 80-90 pounder, in hopes of upgrading. Back up on the troll, we couldn't get another bite right away and after a bit switched over to chunking and jigging for a while. We were marking good bait, blackfins, AJ's, all sorts of stuff and it all looked right. The jigs produced nice Blackfin Tuna and AJ's and provided plenty of action, but we couldn't get the Bluefin Bite on them. At one point, Darrin up in the bridge yells down, "they're rolling right on top behind us". Timmy quickly free lines out our live mullet that was pre-rigged an on "standby" in the livewell. 10 seconds is all it took, before it was inhaled and it was game on for Bob. The fish was also brought to the boat quickly. This one turned out to be a nice 66 inch fish and we put it in the boat.

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Hatteras Bluefin Tuna Fishing

Capt. Darrin Callahan, Cape Hatteras, NC

Looks like the Bluefin are here for a while. Consistent reports continue to come in for the boats that get out. Great to hear these fish are being taken on the Chunk.

Hatteras Fishing - January 28th, 2011






postheadericon Bluefin and Yellowin Fishing Report

Hatteras Fishing Today - Thur feb 3 Ne winds Fifteen to twenty large swell in the ocean, one charterboat fished Mon and caught 2 bluefin and 2 yellowfin, for there charter of two people,Not much coverage by the fleet this week,but conditions seem to be staying the same. As always remember a day of fishing is always better than a day of work.
Capt. Darrin Callahan
LOW PROFILE - 55' Gwaltney
Village Marina, Cape Hatteras
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